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Public Affairs

Toiletless Winnipeg

Led the development of Toiletless Winnipeg with Bridgman Collaborative Architecture. Toiletless Winnipeg is all about raising awareness for how important public toilets are for everyone in Winnipeg, regardless of age, gender, ability, cultural background and wealth. Families with young children, older adults, people with disabilities, night-time economy workers, and visitors. Unfortunately, Winnipeg is virtually a Public Toilet Desert. Compare Winnipeg with a city like Hobart, Australia, where public toilets are located every 200m in the core of the city and every 400m downtown. Even though many commercial establishments, public institutions and parks in Winnipeg do have publicly accessible toilets, you will be hard press to find toilets (especially after hours), you will have to pay or the toilets are closed. People are forced to use the streets and alleyways, creating a serious public health risk. Get involved on Instagram: @toiletlesswinnipeg #toiletlesswpg. Read more about this initiative in Plan Canada, here.

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