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Community Planning

Pinawa Waterfont Secondary Plan

Responsible for research, site analysis, and report writing and design, the Pinawa Waterfront Secondary Plan was prepared to sustain and enhance the significant cultural and heritage value of Pinawa, while sensitively leveraging area features and existing sites for enhanced community and economic development. The planning process brought together the Local Government District, private sector, and community to ensure success. The plan includes low investment short-term actions for change to occur almost immediately, in addition to long-range policies to guide public and private investment over time. The plan articulates a vision to transform Pinawa’s downtown into a vibrant, diverse, mixed-use waterfront area with a strong identity and robust multi-modal transportation connectivity integrated into the existing community. Anticipated outcomes of the plan include: catalyzing private business investment; creating good jobs to keep youth in the community; attracting entrepreneurs with meaningful goods and services for enjoyment by residents and tourists; guiding land-use within the waterfront over time; creating exciting attractions and destinations; enhancing existing uses and bolstering year-round tourism; improving community connections; and inspiring change.

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