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Tactical Urbanism

Downtown Public Art

Infusing public art into the built form has supported the development of a downtown that is safe, charming, beautiful, and connected. Partnerships with community not-for-profit agencies like Graffiti Art Programming Inc. incorporated public art into the public realm (e.g. Play Your Part piano installations, and artful transformation of signal boxes). Working with celebrated artists like Kal Barteski and K.C. Adams helped to revitalize areas of the downtown with artwork while speaking to and drawing attention to issues of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and homelessness.

Led various placemaking initiatives that improved the aesthetic quality of the downtown: cross-seasonal displays, back lane public art installations, pop-up events, and eye-catching storefront and interior designs. Developed wayfinding strategies inclusive of destination marketing, information kiosks, and district banners. Created a Getting Around Downtown Guide to promote stress-free navigation throughout the core, highlighting specific attractions and restaurants to concurrently support economic objectives.

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