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Policy/Regulation Development

The Infill Roadmap is the City of Edmonton’s work plan to support more and better infill in older and core neighbourhoods. It includes 25 actions that will help to achieve the City’s strategic outcomes and contribute to a city that is more livable, resilient, and financially and environmentally sustainable. The Infill Roadmap is the product of the Evolving Infill project, and was developed through a robust discussion about the need for diverse housing options in our core and mature neighbourhoods. These efforts led to the adoption of the Infill Roadmap by Urban Planning Committee in July, 2018, and approval of funding in November, 2018. While the Infill Roadmap 2014 focused on low density infill, the 2018 Infill Roadmap focuses on “missing middle” housing forms, such as triplexes, row housing and low and mid rise apartments. These housing forms are considered “missing” as they are largely absent from urban streetscape in Canada, including in Edmonton.

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