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Edmonton civic leaders lay out blueprint for a more equitable, inclusive post-pandemic city. Canadian Architect.

When vision meets COVID-19: Proper city planning more relevant than ever amid current upheaval. Winnipeg Free Press.

A city for all: As online connections progress to in-person contact, people look for comfortable, enjoyable, safe and accessible public places that allow them to confidently, fearlessly be who they are. Winnipeg Free Press.


One great divercity. Winnipeg Free Press.

Is 'missing middle' financially viable? Canadian Architect.

Disease-driven details: Living in, learning from pandemic gives urban planners new insights into what cities are, what they need to be  Winnipeg Free Press.

A downtown for everyone: Exchange District concerns offer opportunity to take a step back, consult, collaborate on community vision for dynamic, inclusive city centre where people want to live and play when the workday ends. Winnipeg Free Press.

Living in a laboratory: Forward-thinking cities offer residents of all ages opportunities

to weigh in, get involved in building better communities. Winnipeg Free Press.

App-etite for engagement: Online platforms give planners a way to invite an unlimited number of people into discussions about their cities. Winnipeg Free Press.

Homing in on a solution: Edmonton makes commitment, progress in finding shelter for the people living on its streets. Winnipeg Free Press.

Filling in the blanks: Decades of suburban sprawl have left potential for diverse, dense, transformational housing in time-worn Winnipeg areas, says North End-raised Edmonton planner. Winnipeg Free Press.

Junior city builders share big ideas. Transforming Edmonton.

Rivers run through them: Winnipeg and Edmonton - born and shaped by First Nations history, massive flooding - can learn from each other's water protection, development experiences. Winnipeg Free Press.

Igniting the pilot light: Edmonton embraces small-scale projects in hopes of sparking public's interest in planning ideas. Winnipeg Free Press.

City should come out: A gay-friendly district could support Winnipeg's call for greater inclusion and diversity. Winnipeg Free Press.

All eyes on Spruce Ave's infill design: design competition will feature medium-density housing. Rat Creek Press.

Renderings show First Nations vision for Kapyong site. Winnipeg Free Press.

At the crossroads: Canadian urban planners on panel unanimous: Winnipeggers should seize opportunity to open Portage and Main, the city's 'Confusion Corner for pedestrians'. Winnipeg Free Press.

Public toilets, accessibility, and human rights: A Winnipeg pop-up campaign. Plan Canada.

Idle, No More: Defining a planner’s role when civic protest erupts. Plan Canada.

Ring that bell: How Indigenous activism can chime into city planning - New University of Manitoba student research suggests city planners should pay attention to grassroots activism in the North End. Metro Winnipeg.

Research Amplifies a City Planner’s Role in Civic Protest.

Achieving Alumni: Jason Syvixay. The Manitoban. University of Manitoba.​

Fantastic Footprints: Churchill murals leave residents, artists and tourists inspired for the wild. Style Manitoba. 

Finding the right note: Piano at Portage Place addresses underserviced and overlooked civic life. Winnipeg Free Press.

Urban agriculture takes root: Connecting culture, enhancing livelihoods. Winnipeg Free Press.

A seamless fit: Designing for living things – urban and fashion visions share common thread. Winnipeg Free Press.

A slice of urban life: Red Ember food truck creates conversation around public space activity. Winnipeg Free Press.


Bleak beauty: Murals by international artists in Churchill festival offer relief for anxious, exhausted residents of battered, bruised northern town. Winnipeg Free Press.

Traffic jam: Cycle advocacy transforms Winnipeg streets. Winnipeg Free Press.

Confidence on tap: Urban breweries serving up investment and pride. Winnipeg Free Press.

Resilient Manitoba starts in downtown Winnipeg. Winnipeg Free Press. 

Mural Artists in Churchill Channel Creativity in Spite of Rail Closure.

Local planners hope new Exchange District ideas will spring up at visioning workshops. Metro Winnipeg.

Design firm eyes revival of 1920s Winnipeg winter carnival. Metro Winnipeg.

Downtown Winnipeg BIZ events seek input on how to go ‘from good to great’. CBC Manitoba.

Getting BIZ-y with it: Downtown BIZ hosting pop-up engagement events all summer. Metro Winnipeg.

Up on the Roof: Jessi Cruickshank, host of the CBC television show Canada’s Smartest Person, was in Winnipeg recently and got a tour from a person guide – Jason Syvixay, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s resident Energizer Bunny. Winnipeg Free Press.

Changing Jobs: Downtown Winnipeg BIZ managing director and ManyFest mastermind Syvixay says September festival 2016 is his last hurrah with the BIZ. Winnipeg Free Press.

Future 40: CBC Manitoba’s first 11 finalists unveiled. CBC Manitoba.


Downtown building boom: $1.26 billion in proposed new developments underway, including over 1,200 residential units. Winnipeg Free Press.

Grab a Bite at ‘Stone Soup’ Luncheon for Child Nutrition Council.

Sea Walls and paint brushes: Artists from around the world paint Churchill’s relationship with nature. CBC Manitoba.

Rail closure forces mural artists to get creative with journey to Churchill. Metro Winnipeg.

New report shows positive growth for downtown Winnipeg. CTV Winnipeg.


Temporary transformation brings vacant lot to life. CTV Winnipeg.

Food trucks a growing trend in Winnipeg and Manitoba. Metro Winnipeg.

Breakthrough opportunities: Entrepreneurs get their shot thanks to BIZ. Winnipeg Free Press.

Startup moves in with Downtown BIZ. Winnipeg Free Press.

Tourism numbers high after Winnipeg’s busy summer. Global Winnipeg.

Late-night parties part of Folklorama culture. Winnipeg Free Press.

Monster trucks roll into MTS Centre this weekend. Global Winnipeg.

Young Entrepreneurs Get Taste of Downtown with ‘Launch It!’

Indigenous art walking tour launched in downtown Winnipeg. Metro Winnipeg.

New pop-up retailers debut downtown. Winnipeg Free Press.


Popping up in Portage Place: Owners of web businesses test viability of mall location. Winnipeg Free Press.

More patios popping up downtown: Winnipeg BIZ program provides nearly everything to increase curb appeal of restaurants. Winnipeg Free Press.

Downtown BIZ SafeWalk. Winnipeg Free Press.​

Edmonton Street connecting cultures. Winnipeg Free Press.


Two-horse open sleigh. Winnipeg Free Press.


Canada Day competition: Winnipeg and Victoria go head-to-head to create largest Living Flag. Yahoo News.


Who’s most worthy of Walk? Tribute to famous Manitobans still an admirable idea, despite missed opportunity to share Juno spotlight. Winnipeg Free Press.

Winnipeg car-share co-op expands fleet and territory. Metro Winnipeg.

‘Strings’ wrap party. Winnipeg Free Press.

Winnipeg Junos deemed a success. Winnipeg Sun.


Painted pianos to make rounds in downtown Winnipeg. Winnipeg Free Press.


Ace Burpee’s 100 most fascinating Manitobans. Winnipeg Free Press.

Parkade seen as a place to party: Impark takes steps to improve safety. Winnipeg Free Press.

A Moveable Feast Winnipeg: A downtown dining tour worthy of a Hemingway title. The Manitoban.


CEO Sleepout Raises Record Amount for Homeless. The Manitoban.


ManyFest: Nine Downtown Events To Finish Off Your Summer. The Manitoban.


Brandon University Latest To Go Bottled Water Free. The Manitoban.


Students Rally To End Poverty In Manitoba. The Manitoban.


Globe Survey Shows Students Fairly Satisfied With Universities. The Manitoban.

Syvixay to Represent Winnipeg’s Downtown in New Year.

‘Best of Fest’ rolling out the red carpet. Metro Winnipeg.


Honouring Aboriginal culture and tradition downtown. Community News Commons.


Future 40: CBC Manitoba’s first 11 finalists unveiled. CBC Manitoba.


New patio? New $1K fee – Cost could keep restaurants off the street. Winnipeg Sun.


Jason Syvixay of Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Selected as CPRS Manitoba Communicator of the Year. Yahoo.


Jason Syvixay of Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Selected as CPRS Manitoba Communicator of the Year. Market Wired.

Winnipeg’s food scene: Dreamers and Doers. Peg City Grub.

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