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Missing Middle diagram.jpg

Planning Pilot

The 2016 Infill Design Competition sought ideas for low-density residential infill on a hypothetical site, showing how infill could add to the character of our mature and established neighbourhoods. The 2019 Missing Middle Infill Design Competition was an opportunity to test innovative new housing forms that will be integral to the future of Edmonton. It focused on demonstrating how medium-density ‘missing middle’ housing can be both economically-feasible and well designed to work in Edmonton. The competition garnered local, national, and international media coverage and has inspired many other cities to adopt similar practices. Designs were solicited Canada-wide and internationally from multidisciplinary teams of architects, builders, and developers for medium density, ‘missing middle’ housing on a site of 5 lots currently owned by the City of Edmonton at the northeast corner of 112 Avenue and 106 Street in the Spruce Avenue neighbourhood. The winning team was given the opportunity to purchase the site and build their winning design conditional upon rezoning approval — signed sales agreement for the land is forthcoming. Once constructed, the prototype will be used to inspire innovative ‘missing middle’ infill development in other parts of the city.

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