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"When it comes to working with the media, Jason is excellent at approaching reporters with unique story ideas in a professional manner. You can sense his passion for the city of Winnipeg and the people within it. I highly recommend partnering with him on any project." – Talia Ricci, CBC, Reporter

"Jason is one of Winnipeg's strongest communicators and his passion for the city illuminates every project he tackles. His support and drive to make the community a better place, particularly the downtown, is second to none. Jason is a champion on many levels and wears multiple hats to organize, lead, and inspire others." -- Chris Dell,, Managing Editor


“Jason is a bridge-builder in the community. He provides leadership while nurturing his relationships, resulting in holistic initiatives that gain momentum and that are solutions-focused.” – Carly Edmundson, CentrePort Canada Inc., Executive Director, Marketing & Communications

“As a longtime member of the Winnipeg media, I have had the good fortune to work closely with Jason at a host of events over the years, including the CEO Sleepout to raise funds and awareness for the city’s homeless, and the annual ManyFest street festival. I have always been greatly impressed by Jason’s knowledge of the complex issues affecting Winnipeg and the development of its downtown. But the scope of Jason’s skills goes far beyond a mere academic understanding. I am comfortable stating I have never met anyone who equals Jason’s commitment to, and passion for, making Winnipeg and its core area a better place in which to live. Those of us in the media are not easily impressed, but the intensity, intelligence and sense of joy that Jason brings to the realization of our city are a constant source of inspiration for those working with him, or even standing on the sidelines watching. Jason has a unique gift for getting projects done, and for inspiring everyone involved with his ability, his energy and his commitment to community.” – Doug Speirs, Winnipeg Free Press, Journalist

"I have known Jason since 2011, and from day one it has been evident that he is an encouraging and positive individual interested in urban and community issues. Jason is an advocate for young enterprise and seeing the core of our city succeed. I had the pleasure of being a member of the Downtown BIZ Young Entrepreneurship Committee from 2014 to 2016 which Jason actively organized and facilitated. His positive attitude and unending supply of energy helped bring about many successful events. I was always impressed by Jason’s ability to bring a meeting together, keep it on track, and make sure that all voices were valued in decision making." – Nils Vik, Parlour Coffee, Owner